Download the Affidavit *You must file the affidavit with the City Clerk by Oct 15th to receive a ballot and be able to vote on this important issue


You may have heard that the funding for the downtown GURA project will expire with the payment of 2014 sales and property taxes. This will mean that GURA’s projects and programs will need to be re-evaluated for efficacy and funding sources.  This might also mean that there could be no method to provide tax increment development financing, which has been a critical component in most of the redevelopment projects in downtown.

We have begun the process to investigate a way to continue supporting downtown in many of the same ways (but perhaps not to the same degree) that have revitalized downtown. Such support could be provided by a Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  A DDA would be capable of providing tax increment financing and it would be theoretically able to fund most of the other programs currently offered by GURA, assuming the DDA would have adequate revenues.

A DDA is created by a vote of those with a property interest in the to-be-determined boundary of the DDA. It is safe to say that the boundary will resemble the current GURA downtown boundary. The election is tentatively scheduled for November 2013. Between now and then, the issues will be studied and recommendations drafted for City Council’s review.  City Council has created a Downtown Vitality Task Force to be the citizen committee responsible for this review and the critically important peer-to-peer advocacy.  The task force will be comprised of residential and commercial property owners and merchants, as well as Councilor Joe Behm. If the vote approves the DDA, City Council could consider appointing the members of the task force to the formal DDA Board.

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